Oct 302013

I didn’t give In This Dream of Ours a fair chance when I released it in 2012. The sprites were from a character maker. The GUI was Ren’Py default. The title screen and backgrounds were slapped together. Although the sound effects were a somewhat nice touch, the soundtrack itself was made up of overused Kevin MacLeod tunes. There wasn’t any life to its presentation. In spite of that, though, its story still managed to hold on strong through all of that.

That’s why I’m giving this project a second shot. I’m fixing holes, improving the story, and adding new scenes where it’s necessary to. I’m considering adding another bonus ending, but the project will more than likely remain kinetic to avoid project creep. At the pace the remake is going, I can confidently say that it will be released in time for In This Dream of Ours (2012)’s second birthday: May 7th, 2014.

With the remake, comes new art. I gave a sneak peek of it on the first blog entry, but here are some concept sketches of Hitomi and her brother, Yasahiro done by our sprite artist Raakelh. I’ll post their original art here, too, for comparison’s sake. Click the sketches to see them in a larger size!


Here’s Hitomi! We went for the stronger build seen in the bottom left area. It made the most sense considering what she does, her clinician occupation, and commoner status.



If you haven’t guessed yet (did the clothing give it away?), this story’s set in the early 1600s of Japan. The main character wakes up in Hitomi’s clinic, surprised to have survived the Battle Sekigahara. The surprises don’t end there, however…


Heeeeeere’s Yasahiro! He’s Hitomi’s brash little brother. As to which design we went with, you’ll have to wait and see! We kept his headband from the original art.



Pssssst. You can reblog this post on Tumblr for a chance to win something from Team Pärvelö, the arts alliance that Raakel’s part of. The giveaway will end this Thursday (Halloween, how spooky), so don’t miss your chance to be part of the raffle drawing.

In the future, I’ll be blogging more about the remaking process itself. It’s been rather interesting taking things back to the drawing board so far.

See you next Tuesday for more visual novel news from ouroboros[connect]!

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