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Nov 292013

It’s been a while since the last language learning games update. Honestly, when I started blogging about it, I thought I had much more time for it than I actually do. So while I can’t promise weekly updates in this category, I can say that there will be periodic updates (watch the situation change and this goes back to being weekly).

Werewolf, or Mafia, is a social deduction game. It’s about figuring out who the hidden killer(s) in the group are before it’s too late. There are two sides in the game – Werewolves/Mafia (bad guys) and Townspeople (good guys). It’s up to the good guys to oust the bad guys from the group. Meanwhile, the bad guys kill the good guys at night. The catch is that you don’t know who’s who.

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Rainy Night Musings

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Nov 262013

I fixed all of the cringe-worthy typos in In This Dream of Ours’ old script over the weekend (seperate and eachother, I’m looking at you). I’ve jotted down notes for a few scenes that I’d like to add, but I admit that I haven’t started writing it into script form yet. My main worry is keeping the game’s pacing tight. I don’t want it to turn into a words for the sake of words situation, and I really don’t want to add things in that were obvious enough to the readers already.

Like with anything in life, it’s all trial and error. I’ll give some more thought to this once I’ve done some actual script work.

Artwise, we’re moving into the inking phase. The expression list has been sent off and Raakel’s pretty much ready to go, pending an e-mail I should really reply to soon. Seriously: open communication lines between an artist and a writer are super important. I don’t think I have to tell anyone that, though!

Tadashi will be the first one up. Below are some of his sketches from ages ago. If you read my last blog post, you can probably tell which design we went with!


Still trying to figure out what the GUI might look like. I’m thinking minimal, but I don’t want to think too far ahead until at least two sprites are finished. I confess that I was taking a (weak) page from Narcissu with the first design. I don’t think it will be the same way this time. It’s gotta be something that really works with the character art. Hm… must muse about this later.

In This Dream of Ours Full Cast Sketch

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Nov 202013

Here are the final character designs for the In This Dream of Ours remake project. There will be some slight changes (Tadashi’s hand will move down, for one), but these sketches will pretty much determine what the finalized sprites will look like. We’re still going for the side-image type of look, just way more enhanced this time.


From left to right, we have:

Kouji, our recovering farmer-forced-into-war protagonist. Tadashi, our thoughtful pacifist poet. Yasahiro, our hot-blooded aspiring warrior-to-be. Hitomi, our clinician that keeps everything held together.

I’m still confident that the remake will be released on the original story’s second birthday. Development is shaping up very well!

Hypothetically Speaking

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Nov 122013

I’m going to wrap myself up in a blanket of hypotheticals right now, because if this were actually happening, I might lose my mind. Let’s pretend for a moment that November’s the month where writers all around the world try to write 50k words before December. It shouldn’t be that much of a stretch to imagine that. There’d be about 18 days left for anyone to start anything right now.

If I were to suddenly participate in it, I’d make writing a visual novel my goal, from beginning to end. It’d be a way to train for Nanoreno. I think if I were to do it, I’d carve out 3 days for outlining, and then 15 for for direct-to-Renpy script writing. December would be for editing and pitching to artists, programmers, designers, etc. If the pitch failed, it would be shelved for a while.

The plot would have to be something small with a four person cast. I’m thinking a more…mature? GxB plot where you’re trying to decide if you’re ready to take the next step in your relationship. He’s ready to move forward. Even his daughter finally wants to meet you. And the rapper you’re producing beats for is making you question things even more. Oh, and did I mention that you’re 23 and your guy’s 38? You’re not quite a May/December, but you’re feeling that kind of strain.

Add a familiar city as a backdrop and boom, there’s a VN that could be written from scratch in 18 days.

None of the characters have names yet, only words that “color” them. For the 38 year old, it’d be “dork.” One of those people that’s into useless, yet relevant, trivia. His 15 year old daughter would be one of those aloof, standoffish types with an issue of her own that you could choose or not choose to solve. The rapper would be “laidback,” but designed in a way that emphasizes his early 20s age. Something that sets him apart from the current flame.

As for the dear Protagonist…well, “uncertainty.” She’s at that place in the relationship where it’s decision time. Do you want this to be your future, or do you want to keep exploring your options? Are you truly ready to “settle down” with someone? Do you just need more time? All of the outside noise in her life (a mother that keeps bothering her on webchat, all of her blog commentators, and more) makes it harder for her to decide.

There will be choices and a handful of endings. But, uh…like I said, it’d be crazy for me to start anything like that. yep!

Fluxx: The Nutty Card Game That’s Never the Same

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Nov 072013


Shuffle the deck. Deal three cards to each player. Put down the “basic rule” card so nobody gets confused on what they need to do. Draw a card; play a card. Easy enough, right? But, if you’re holding a Creeper (e.g. Death, Taxes, War, The Radioactive Potato, etc), you have to put it on the table. It won’t count as a play; it’s just something that prevents you from winning even if you reach the goal. Simple and easy game, right?

Fluxx gets its namesake from the rules being constantly in flux. Everything starts out simple until somebody slaps down a New Rule card, something like “Play All.” You’ll have to play all of the cards in your hand, then. So much for the ace-in-the-hole Action card you were holding. And then, someone slaps down the “Hand Limit 2” rule card and now your strategies are really going out the window.

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O[C] Country

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Nov 052013

I’m not feeling very well, so this weekly update will be shorter than usual. Ouroboros Connect (ouroboros[connect]) is now back on Google+ and Facebook. I’m not expecting very many likes or…circles? Oh, followers for a while. Still, I like to have all my bases covered in preparation. The sooner I start with those pages, the better. Besides, more ways to talk to people doesn’t hurt, unless you’re trying to be as elusive as Carmen Sandiego.

I suddenly got this weird thought. You know how some authors like to set their books in the same universe? The O[C] one would be weird. You’d have a mostly mundane part of the country in the West. This would be where the Skylineans live. They wear fabulous red and white uniforms, are cursed to be stuck in high school forever, and listen to angsty music like teenagers often do. Their common attacks are sulk, pout, and shenanigans. Yes, shenanigans can be a verb now.

To the South, you’ve got the Dreamions, who dress like one of those 200 hour long samurai J-drama series. You know the ones. Their part of the country is rife with civil wars. There’s unrest and enough turmoil to grease a thousand hinges. Be wary if you go there, traveler.

A bridge connects the West and the East. The people who frequent the bridge are often lost souls. We call them Everythingians. They contemplate and then move on. Wayward little beasts, they are. Hey, I thought they were people! Beasts can be people, too. Six anecdotes visit the bridge the most. Some of them are mundane, similar to the Skylineans, while one’s more fantastical, like the Reddens in the East.

Out of everyone in the O[C] country, Reddens are the most diverse. They seem to make nods to fairy tales one might find in the West, but they’re definitely something of their own. Similar to the Dreamions, there’s turmoil bubbling beneath the surface between two factions. Rev up those fryers.

…Well, I guess that’d be what would happen if those four projects had to co-exist in the same country. See you next Tuesday.


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Nov 012013

I can’t promise any coherency on this post. I just got back from screaming my lungs out at a haunted house. Happy Halloween again, everyone! As I wait for my food to get here, I’m going to tell you all about a language-focused game that’s great for practice. Oops, there goes that coherency already.


The game in question is Dixit, which is Latin for he said or she said. You draw six cards from the deck. Each card contains an oftentimes whacky illustration. Someone will then be the storyteller for that round. The job of the storyteller is to give a phrase, sentence, poem, song…whatever…that describes one of their cards.

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