Nov 052013

I’m not feeling very well, so this weekly update will be shorter than usual. Ouroboros Connect (ouroboros[connect]) is now back on Google+ and Facebook. I’m not expecting very many likes or…circles? Oh, followers for a while. Still, I like to have all my bases covered in preparation. The sooner I start with those pages, the better. Besides, more ways to talk to people doesn’t hurt, unless you’re trying to be as elusive as Carmen Sandiego.

I suddenly got this weird thought. You know how some authors like to set their books in the same universe? The O[C] one would be weird. You’d have a mostly mundane part of the country in the West. This would be where the Skylineans live. They wear fabulous red and white uniforms, are cursed to be stuck in high school forever, and listen to angsty music like teenagers often do. Their common attacks are sulk, pout, and shenanigans. Yes, shenanigans can be a verb now.

To the South, you’ve got the Dreamions, who dress like one of those 200 hour long samurai J-drama series. You know the ones. Their part of the country is rife with civil wars. There’s unrest and enough turmoil to grease a thousand hinges. Be wary if you go there, traveler.

A bridge connects the West and the East. The people who frequent the bridge are often lost souls. We call them Everythingians. They contemplate and then move on. Wayward little beasts, they are. Hey, I thought they were people! Beasts can be people, too. Six anecdotes visit the bridge the most. Some of them are mundane, similar to the Skylineans, while one’s more fantastical, like the Reddens in the East.

Out of everyone in the O[C] country, Reddens are the most diverse. They seem to make nods to fairy tales one might find in the West, but they’re definitely something of their own. Similar to the Dreamions, there’s turmoil bubbling beneath the surface between two factions. Rev up those fryers.

…Well, I guess that’d be what would happen if those four projects had to co-exist in the same country. See you next Tuesday.

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