Dec 042013

I think it’s about time I blow the lid off of this project. A few months back, I posted a Recruitment thread looking for help with a short kinetic novel collection. Two of the most awesome people I know stepped up to help (Moya and leon) with the coding, GUI, and a lot of other things. Then Moya brought in shilkefair to do the sprite work. It’s a tiny project, but I really appreciate everything the three of them have done so far.

Since I’m extra late on this blog update, I’ll post two sketches of characters from the project! The stories are all self-contained with the bridge setting as the common thread. (Aha, so that’s why it’s called Everything Around a Bridge! So clever, so clever.)


His finished sprite looks a little different, but this is Rick. His story is told from the perspective of his twin brother, reflecting on their past and how they grew up as two completely different people. I originally wrote this story as part of an Image-based Writing Request for Hijiri of MESI Games so I give him my thanks, as well. Speaking of which, I should probably try writing in that thread again.


Here’s Indigo, a fellow high school student that Soyeon, the main character in the “Indigo” story, passes by on the bridge. Although they go to the same school, they’re from two separate crowds. I’ll hold off on showing off her finished sprite for now, heh.

This project’s made me come to the realization that from now on, I should finish rough drafts of scripts before I start looking for artists. It’s better for me to wait until the writing is mostly finished. It makes the work go by faster. I’m going to put that theory to the test again in the next couple of months with the project I alluded to in this entry. I’m sitting on 80% of a detailed outline right now. I’ll let you all know how that process goes.

‘Til next time!

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