Dec 102013

Hey, everyone! I’m going to hold off on sharing any pictures on the blog this week. I know pure text updates are kind of boring but hey, I’m a writer. Text is my currency and how I get by…or something like that. In other news, the outline for the small four cast “May/December (he’s more like a July or an August, lol)” GxB game I’ve been planning suddenly grew to having 10+ endings. In all fairness, though, most of those endings are just variations on the same theme, so it’s more like there’s 2 or 3 so far, like I’d originally hoped for.

I thought the outline would be finished by now, but with the holidays approaching and all this snow, I got busier than I thought. I predict that it’ll be done this week so that I can start the scripting process. I’m going to time myself to see how quickly I can take the outline to script form.

It might be a little too optimistic to say the script will be done sometime in January. It’s a nice thought, because then the whole thing could see a summer(?) release. I dunno. Sounds like more optimism. We’ll see what happens.

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