Dec 172013

Just like last week, there isn’t much to say other than I’ve been chugging away at that outline. I did a word count of the outline itself and it’s over 5000 words of notes. I have no idea what that will translate into wordcount-wise. I’m going to guess over 20,000.

The story changed from being focused on dealing with an age gap relationship to…navigating mother/daughter stuff? The main character’s mother was never there for her, so when she’s faced with the possibility of becoming a step mother to a fifteen year old, it’s a lot to take. How do you navigate something that you have no clear cut, good example of? It’s even more difficult considering you’re not THAT much older than your “daughter to be.” They’re only 8 years apart.

Exploring that dilemma became more interesting than having to juggle “oh, young dude that seems into me” and “older boyfriend who wants to take the next step in our relationship” drama. Don’t get me wrong. That drama’s still there – just on a different route. That route’s actually fully finished pretty much…with its excessive amount of endings (7+).

The Protagonist’s boyfriend’s daughter hasn’t seen her mother in years. Something must have happened, but the boyfriend refuses to tell the Protagonist what’s up. He doesn’t want her to get involved. And yet, the Protagonist feels like she owes the daughter to let her see her mother again. Because she (the Protagonist) is trying to be the caring mother she didn’t have.

The easiest way to describe the Protagonist’s mom is “computer screen.” Weeks ago, I gave the characters defining key words. “Computer screen” definitely fits for the mother. Second Life fanatics definitely inspired her design. I won’t even hide it. I assume she has an untreated Internet addiction, but I’m not her doctor, so I can’t say for sure.

The Protagonist’s father…I didn’t think too much about him. I think he played a support role throughout her life but he didn’t shape or impact her in any way. Normally, when a parent character is that bland, I take them out of the picture completely, but his bland nondescriptness works very well. Part of that trait leaked into the Protagonist, at least on the surface…people might assume she’s bland or something. There has to be a reason why she hasn’t connected with anyone where she lives, besides her boyfriend and that rapper friend/client she has.

Come to think of it, that’s something I haven’t dug deep enough into. Perhaps, the Internet is her easiest escape. She learned it from her mother. A social life is either a hit or a miss for our Protagonist. The “in-between” is tough. Or something. I’m getting there…

HOPEFULLY, this outline can be done by next week, but the holidays are coming up and I’m not so confident about that. ‘Til next time!

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