Jan 152014

I swear, ever since I started writing for this visual novel, weird stuff keeps happening to me. I recovered from the ear problems only to get an eye problem. My left knee’s beginning to give out. I guess someone out there must REALLY want me to stay inside to get this writing done, haha. Hopefully, my eye will get better fast and my knee doesn’t get any worse.

Time for the main event. The lint statistics! After one week, let’s see how well I did.

“The game contains 2,048 dialogue blocks, containing 23,653 words and 123,171
characters, for an average of 11.5 words and 60 characters per block.

The game contains 22 menus, 0 images, and 12 screens.”

So that’s a jump of 7,421 words since last week. Not too bad, considering I couldn’t write every day last week. I finished the eighth ending today. I think there are five more? I’d double check the outline, but my laptop’s trucking. My challenge for next week is to either write more than 7,421 words or finish the rough draft script.

I’ve been thinking about how to pitch 7 Months in Between. A hip hop producer struggles with a Positive K situation while balancing her blog, her May/December relationship, and her December’s kid.

…Not quite. That makes John Mark, the rapper, come off pretty bad…he’s nowhere near as persistent (thirsty!) as the song. When I say a Positive K situation, I’m talking about I Got A Man…which is now stuck in my head. Thaaanks. Let’s try that again.

7 Months in Between is about an aspiring music producer who’s stuck in a menial office job and spends her time writing a May/December relationship blog. One day, Vivi’s boyfriend, Gustavo, hits her with a whammy of a statement: “my daughter wants to meet you.” Vivi then must face his standoffish daughter Sidney, while trying to determine if she’s going to stick with Gus for the long haul.

Is Vivi ready for such a serious commitment? And what about that rapper she’s been working with, John Mark AKA JM Brave? And, what exactly is Gus hiding from her?

Slightly better pitch, just way too long. I’ll figure something better out. Names are subject to change. These are the four main characters for the visual novel.

* Vivian “Vivi” Sanders: our Protagonist! 23 years old. She came to Philadelphia for school from some Pennsyltuckey town and then never left. She’s been producing tracks since she was young, but John Mark’s the first rapper she’s ever worked face to face with. Uses blogging as a way to de-stress (don’t we all, girl?).

* Gustavo “Gus” Rojo: the Boyfriend! He’s fifteen years older than Vivi, making him 38. An artificial intelligence engineer. Loves geeking out about random sciencey things.

* Sidney Rojo: the Boyfriend’s Daughter! Fifteen year old jerk. Haha. Actually a decent artist. Takes art classes at an arts university in the city.

* John Mark Matapang: the Rapper! His rapper name is JM Brave, and he’s somewhere around Vivi’s age. He’s a Spoken Word artist turned rapper. Friendly and confident.

Hopefully I can finish with my rough draft soon. I can’t wait to find an artist to bring these four to life. I love seeing how other people interpret what’s on the page. Heh, it’s funny how “tiny projects” can become so big, so fast. This was originally going to be something super short and now look what it’s become.

See you next week! We’ll find out if I can beat the challenge. :)

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