Jan 212014

Last week, I managed to reach 23,653 words, which was a 7,421 word jump from the week before. Let’s see if I managed to complete my challenge!


The game contains 2,550 dialogue blocks, containing 29,478 words and 153,671
characters, for an average of 11.6 words and 60 characters per block.

The game contains 27 menus, 0 images, and 12 screens.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to. I made it to 5,825 words. So close! But not far enough. This was mostly because of the weekend that I had…which eventually ended in glass all over my apartment floor. Long story.

I reached a part of the script that I realized should’ve been a choice. This is good since it gives me a chance to further expand things in the story, but bad because it will increase development time. The way it originally was was way too out of the players’ hands. The players’ previous choices weren’t having enough of a bearing on Vivi’s choice.

I think I’ll use this “add-on” route to expand on John Mark’s character a little more. Maybe something that delves into the hip hop scene way more? I don’t think it will take me that long to outline it out. Since I don’t want to lose any steam, though, I’ll keep working on the rest of the script. I reached Ending 9 out of 13 today so there isn’t that much to go, thankfully!

After it’s all done with, I’m going to have to do a second and a third pass through to fix up as many of the problems that I can. Resisting the urge to self-edit’s been tough…and as if my body was punishing me for doing it, I accidentally cut myself on the glass. Now I can honestly say that I’ve lost my hearing, messed up my eye, and BLED for this visual novel (okay, not purposely but…you know…a lot of strange things keep happening).

I guess the real challenge for this visual novel is me finishing up the first draft of the script by February. I really want/need to get this entire project finished Summer 2014. Ergghhh.

See you next week!

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