Not Much to Report

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Feb 122014

The update this time isn’t as exciting as last week’s. I made it through a quarter of the editing for 7 Months in Between. Progress has been slow. I’m hesitant to put up a recruitment thread any time soon since Nanoreno season is approaching. If I can get through editing this week, I’ll post something up before the next blog update.

I’m going to try to update the board games section of this blog this week, to make up for the lack of news on the visual novel front.

7MiB Rough Draft Sort of Finished!

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Feb 052014

Sorry for missing last week’s update. By the time everything settled down enough for me to post, it was already Friday. I come bearing good news that should make up for that.

I’m going to push back the In This Dream of Ours remake’s release date for time and financial reasons. It’s not worth it to rush things for a May release. An extra couple of months will give me more time to save up for more of the assets. I underestimated how much I would need for the backgrounds. I’m expecting a late summer release.


A happy Hitomi sprite, just to celebrate~

Everything Around a Bridge is moving along. I’m thinking…maybe late Spring? I hesitate since I might want to add a couple NVL-mode stories to it. The word count’s rather small. It might be overkill to add any more, though. As always, the sprites so far are looking niiiice.

I finished the rough draft for 7 Months in Between a few days ago! My playtester (hehe <3) confirmed that I should add an alternate path, so I’ve still gotta do that. I’m contemplating recruiting someone to help me figure out what the story’s missing. The script needs a lot of fixing in its current state, but now that the tracks are all laid down, the first editing phase should go smoothly. I’ll call in for script support once I’ve done my own editing to it.

Here’s the lint for the first version:

The game contains 2,824 dialogue blocks, containing 32,457 words and 169,259
characters, for an average of 11.5 words and 60 characters per block.
The game contains 29 menus, 0 images, and 12 screens.

I’m going to use this week for recruitment thread preparation and a minor amount of editing. My chief focus when recruiting is to find people who are after more than the dollar. They need to like the script and feel invested in the project, otherwise we’re not going to be a good match. I’ll be releasing the script (probably sans alternate route) with the thread in order to entice people into helping out.

7 Months in Between is a female-fronted story about an aspiring music producer’s May/December relationship, set against an urban backdrop. As she gets to know her boyfriend’s daughter, she finds herself becoming the mother she’s never had. Or, at least, that’s one way (and the way my playtester chose) to play through the story. :)

I can hear the storm already brewing outside. The ice is going to be nasty this time. They say there could be power outages lasting days for some people. Hopefully, I won’t be one of the ones affected, but if I am, I’ll be offline for a while. Let’s hope I’ll avoid the worst of it!