Mar 062014

Wow, where does the time go? It’s been weeks since I last updated this blog. Oops! I’ll be back on track with the weekly updates starting this Tuesday. Just because I haven’t been updating though, doesn’t mean things haven’t been happening.

I’ve officially gotten an artist for 7 Months in Between. I won’t say who it is yet, but, the art style’s the perfect look for what I’m going for with the story. I still have yet to finish that additional route. The writing progress for 7 MiB has to halt because of my involvement in not one, but two NaNoRenO projects this year.

(For those unaware, NaNoRenO is basically the visual novel making equivalent of NaNoWriMo, or a one-month visual novel jam. It happens every year during March. Expect lots of cool games on April 1st!)

I’m doing a route for Elysian Days (link leads to its thread on LSF), a Centaur Otome game. Ever wanted to ride off into the sunset with a centaur? Now you can (sort of)! My centaur’s the rich, work-averse one. Look forward to seeing this game in April! I’ll talk more about it throughout the month.

The other project I’m doing is The Mishka Effect. It’s a time loop visual novel! To quote the LSF thread, “Mishka Florentine’s been having a bad week. He’s got an eviction notice on his apartment, his friend Veronica Blast won’t give him the time of day, his new co-worker’s giving him the creeps, and he even narrowly avoided being killed by a bloody stranger.

When he finds a shack in the woods that seems to put him back in time by three days, he thinks he can turn all his luck around. …But things aren’t always that simple when you’re playing with time.”

I’ll save my progress talks on both of those projects for Tuesday. As a side note, once both of these projects are out, I’ll be 2/3rds of a way towards completing my visual novel New Years resolution. XD

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