May 012014

I’m sorry I am a few days late on this update. Honestly, because of my night classes, I’m having trouble sticking to a consistent updating schedule.

I’ve received some good feedback on 7 Months in Between. I think I am getting a better idea on what to do about that route that’s been left open. Art’s been moving along steadily. Once I’ve finished the new route, I can show the game to my editor, get GUI & music, and start hunting for backgrounds. It’s going to take me a long while to photograph all the parts of the city that I need. Getting the right photographic angle is going to be a pain, too…

I started doing some writing for In This Dream of Ours. I’m wondering if I can do the writing without an outline. Probably a terrible idea. For now, I’m just trying to improve the original script while marking off places where choices could be. I think I’ve got an alright GUI concept design in mind. Don’t know if I should move on with getting the GUI in place yet, though. I want the script to be done before I start looking around for help with that.

I’m working on some things for The Mishka Effect Version 2. Still discussing the possibility of a new ending for it.

All in all, things are going well. School and life are both keeping me busy. I’m surviving.

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