May 072014

I’m taking a stand.

From this point forward, Mishka Florentine will be my last white male protagonist. Unless I can give paragraphs detailing why, it’s not going to happen again. If there’s an ouroboros[connect] stamp on the visual novel, you’ll know what the main POV character won’t be. This doesn’t extend to things I’m doing as collaborations or anything like that. I’m just saying that if I’m at the helm, that’s the way it’s going to be.

But, why, kaleidofish, why? Why limit yourself like that?

I’m not doing this from a place of “oh woe, look at these poor brown people. They never get stories featuring them” or a place of “ooh, lack of POC representation, I should put some into my story as some sort of cash-grab/audience-grab.” I’m doing this for reasons that might be selfish, sure. You might say I’m pushing an agenda, and that’s alright to think so.

I realize that I’ve got a platform here. I’ve got a major opportunity to add my voice, my experiences to the mix of stories that are out there. As a woman of color (half black/half white to be specific), I can do my part in creating stories that better represent us. I want to see “me.” I don’t want to see the “me” that people want to make money off of, or the “me” that’s merely a check on somebody’s diversity check list. (“Ok, ok, quick, add in the person of color so nobody gets mad.”)

We are not a concession to be tossed in. We’re not your appeasement to the warriors and gods of diversity. We are not palette swaps. I will do my part in changing people’s perception of us. I’ll no longer be quiet on this.

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(P.S., I still love you Mishka.)

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  1. We all have our selfish reasons for making stories they way we do and I think that’s OK. I think it’s important that creators make the stories that resonate with themselves first, above all else. Keep telling your stories, k-fish!! GO GO GO

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