May 142014

You know… I need to stop being so tight-lipped about what I’m working on. Since it’s not an immediate need, though, I’m going to keep holding off on showing off the in-progress art for the visual novels I’ve got in the pipeline. School continues to be the bane of my existence, especially with finals (lots of presentations and papers) looming in the next few weeks.

I have a schedule for the summer that should give me a bit more time to work. Problem is that I signed up for a creative writing class for the first time ever, so I expect that to require a huge chunk of attention. I’m actually kind of nervous for it. I’ve never even been in a face-to-face writer’s circle before. This is going to be interesting. I’m hoping to get a lot out of the course! If I can, I’ll share my work for that course here and on my Deviantart account.

I wrote roughly 3000 words for In This Dream of Ours, including the first choice of the VN. So, it’s official, the conversion from choiceless KN to choiced VN is going to happen. Surprisingly, writing went rather quickly. I think it might’ve taken me an hour or two to write that much. Imagine if I had a whole day that I could dedicate to ITDO.

Art’s going great for 7 Months in Between. I still need to apply the feedback that I got to the script. Concept arting has also begun for another project that won’t be released for a while. I’ve also been toying with the idea of recruting for a GUI designer for ITDO. My current game plan is to get the In This Dream of Ours remake written up, then move back to fixing 7 Months in Between’s writing, and then move on from there.

By the way, Wednesday’s now going to be update day. Tuesday doesn’t work for my schedule anymore.

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