May 302014

Hey everyone! kaleidofish here. You know, the kaleidofish that supposedly sticks to updating her blog weekly. School’s heading towards Finals week so I’ve been hit with a lot of work and presentations to prepare for. Because of that, I haven’t been updating as diligently as I should. I should be back in the swing of things by mid-June. I’ll get about a week for break, and then after that, it’s school again. I’m unsure what my workload will be like, but hopefully it’s easier on me than this one has been.

I’ve decided on a plan of action for the rest of this summer.


  • Finish the second version of The Mishka Effect. Get it ready for a July release (hopefully). August if unlucky.
  • Write board/social game reviews and prepare them for a Friday queue. Do this over break. [low priority]
  • Get a significant amount written for In This Dream of Ours. At least 2 endings by the time June is over!


  • Focus on editing 7 Months in Between based on alpha readers’ suggestions. Get the writing all done.
  • Wrap up as much writing for In This Dream of Ours as possible.
  • If lucky, get an Editor to look over 7 Months in Between to make sure it’s all okay.


  • Should put finishing touches on In This Dream of Ours.
  • Get feedback on ITDO’s alpha script if it all gets finished.
  • Continue smoothing out 7 Months in Between. August means that it’s approaching nearly a year in development!

I’d like to have the scripts for both 7 Months in Between and In This Dream of Ours 95-100% complete (as in edited, proofread, etc) by the time September hits. 7 Months in Between is much closer than In This Dream of Ours. Starting September, I’ll be working heavily on another project that I’m staying silent on for now.

Somewhere during these months, I’ll also be working on a collab with my new team. Well..not exactly new, since we already worked on The Mishka Effect together. News about that will come later. 😀

Last weekend I got a chance to write a lot for ITDO. And, hey, look! 5 choices!

“The game contains 756 dialogue blocks, containing 11,764 words and 62,365
characters, for an average of 15.6 words and 82 characters per block.

The game contains 5 menus, 0 images, and 12 screens.”

I like the way that the new story is shaping up so far. Because of the new scenes, ITDO 2014 could be double the size of the original version. I’m not even a quarter of the way through the old script. By my next blog update I’m hoping to add another 3000 words to that total. I want to stay on track with my “3 releases in 2014” goal. I believe I can do it!

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