Jul 022014

Sometimes, I feel like that Solomon Starbuck animation from Ace Attorney 5, where the spaceman’s fiddling with imaginary space dashboard controls. He’s turning things, pulling levers, and pressing buttons that aren’t there. His face is sweating, his cheeks are puffing out. The guy’s struggling. Mayday, mayday. Call Houston, call starport, call every damn Terran out there in and out of Starcraft land. Things are whirring and before you know it, the tube to your oxygen tank’s popped off and, and, and —

I’m getting too far off-track.

I don’t think I managed to hit a single bulletpoint for the month of June. I spent most of the month struggling Starbuck-style. I wound up giving myself a break and doing a Twine piece for a game jam. You know what? This is going to sound stupidly obvious, but finishing and releasing things feels great. It feels like I’m back in command of the starship.

If you’re feeling stuck on a project – be it visual novels or something else – try something new. Write in another medium. Check out Gamemaker. Attempt that SHMUP. Make that collage. Create a silly blog about rice bowls from the 1700s. Do the thing; score the point. We’ve all got our own ways of getting out of ruts, and I think I’m safe enough to say that this is one way I can get out of mine.

I’m still aiming for a July release for The Mishka Effect version 2. HEY! Did you see Martina Mendez’s fan translation of the double chocolate triple bananabutter crunchwich recipe? She was nice enough to put it into Spanish. Thanks again, Martina! You can read the recipe here.

You can read the Twine storything I made here. Warning: it’s a hard R (yep, thar be situations) BxB story about how two guys’ relationship goes from casual to more. I’m more glad that I was able to finish it in time than anything else. It wasn’t what I originally set out to write but at least it got done. Now…back to work on that Plan of Action. 😛

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