Jun 212015

Hey all!

I haven’t updated this blog in a long time. The easiest way to stay up-to-date with what I’m working on is to follow me on Twitter, where I’m always available for a conversation. Earlier this year, most of the crew from The Mishka Effect and I started working on a Snowpocalypse-themed visual novel for the Winter Nanoreno jam. Since our scope grew, we’ve had to take extra time on it, but it should all be wrapped up before the end of this Summer.


During March, we worked on Fairly Dangerous for Nanoreno 2015, a game about a group of paperclip-sized fairy friends trying to survive in a human’s apartment. It’s a dark comedy featuring the high possibility of death from things like mouse traps, microwaves, glass bottles, and more. It was released in April, and can be found here on itch.io, here on Google Play, and here on GameJolt. Special thanks goes out to my team for making this release possible.


Today sees the release of the long-awaited second version of The Mishka Effect. The update includes better timing for some of the jokes, a FLOWCHART, better graphics, improved animations, and more! You can find the new version over here on itch.io and download it here on Google Play. This is a comedy time travel visual novel, which was originally made in one month for Nanoreno 2014. Thank you to everyone who made this happen! Couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Will update more about the other things I’m working on soon. :)

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