Oct 032015

My senior year of college started a couple of weeks ago. Yay! Almost to the finish line. One of my graduation requirements is the completion of a capstone project. I plan on writing a serialized story for it. I’m still finalizing the release schedule and the size of the releases themselves, but I’ll be releasing installments online for everyone to read.

If you remember The Girl in Red from way back, this is going to be a serialized revival of that game. It’s going to be fun (and a challenge) for me…I don’t write prose on a regular basis anymore, so I’m glad to be doing something that forces me to do that.

IF Comp opened up for judging on October 1st. I contributed roughly 1.8% of the entries. Check out the competition here.

I’m also looking for a GUI artist and a programmer to bring a short comedy game to completion. For those interested, please see the recruitment post here. Thanks in advance! :)

Ouroboros Connect is currently transitioning from its old name to its new name of Kaleidofish Studios. Same studio, same kaleidofish, but a new name that is easier to remember/pronounce. Check out our new logo made by r-bit.

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