Palette Swap Released! & XYZZY News

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Apr 132016

On April 11th, we released our game for Nanoreno 2016, Palette Swap. If you enjoyed Fairly Dangerous, I think you’d like this one, too! Like Fairly Dangerous, it’s a dark comedy, only this time it’s a lot more strange. A girl gets trapped inside of a painting and has to find a way out of it.

We have a thread on the Lemma Soft Forums where you can find more information. Show us some love.

On a slightly unrelated note, Xyzzymposium 2014 has started. Venus Meets Venus was featured in the first post about the titles that were nominated for the “Best Story” 2014 XYZZY Award. It’s a fantastic post. Warning for spoilers on all the games that were featured in it!

First round of voting is open for the 2015 XYZZY Awards. Only games released in 2015 are eligible. Check it out here. Voting will end by May 1st.

The thirteen chapter of Redwood Crossing will be released tomorrow on its website. Hope you’ve been enjoying it so far.