Draw Everything You See That’s Mine and Yours


Draw Everything You See That’s Mine and Yours is a Twine piece that I created for the Nar8 Jam. It was released on June 30th, 2014 and written off-and-on during a time window of June 8th through the 30th. It’s about a casual relationship between two men that grows into something more over the years. It managed to pull a #1 for Storytelling, #1 for Immersion, #9 for Style, #11 for Experimentation, and #3 Overall for the jam out of 18 entries.

You can see its Nar8 Jam page here for comments and a little bit more information. It’s listed over here on the Interactive Fiction Database, and is probably most comfortable played at the link IFDB provides. Play it here.

It’s a queer romance that contains struggles with gender, identity, and being comfortable with one’s self. There are brief adult scenes.