In This Dream of Ours – Feudal Japanese Drama


In This Dream of Ours is a kinetic novel set in an alternate version of the dawn of the Edo Period (early 1600s, Japan). It stars Kouji, a commoner forced into becoming a warrior, whose injured body was taken from the aftermath of a decisive battle between East and West, and brought to the nearest village’s clinic.

It’s there that he heals under the care of Hitomi, a girl whose father fought alongside Kouji, and her brother, Yasahiro, who trains in order to make his father proud on his return home. The longer Kouji stays with them, the more he realizes that his connection to them is stronger than just a chance meeting…

May 7th, 2012

1 to 2 hours of reading
4 alternate endings and a bonus story upon completion
Kinetic (choiceless) story
A regrettably small resolution of 800×600

Windows (143 MB)
Linux (139 MB)
Mac (140 MB)

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