Palette Swap


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Palette Swap is a surreal dark comedy visual novel about an art student whose body is stolen through a mysterious painting. Now it’s up to her, a weird girl she meets inside of said painting, and an even weirder bird-creature to find a way out.


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You can download the game here on or here on GameJolt!

Version 1.0 was released on April 11th, 2016. This game was created for Nanoreno 2016.


This visual novel is brought to you by the team that worked on Fairly Dangerous during Nanoreno 2015, plus another friend!

Lead Writer & Director: kaleidofish –

Co-Writer: Some Strange Circus –

Editor & Concept Development: kaenSe4 –

Sprite & Background Artist: Rachel Noto –

Letters Programmer & GUI Artist: Duskylli

Quality Assurance: Thestral

Special Thanks to BobotheParrot, from kaenSe4