I’ve sorted my work by start date. I’ve primarily worked as the Project Lead, writer, and coder on the projects listed below. I’ve also included some brief descriptions on the works themselves.


Dreams Denouement Title

Dream’s Denouement is a large-scale collaborative visual novel project. I am one of 8 writers in an international team of over 30 people. We all broke into smaller groups focused on our own stories. At the end, the stories will be collected into two episodes. More information on this project can be found on its website. My small team focused on Superhero Madness, a super hero comic-inspired visual novel/roleplaying game (VN/RPG) hybrid.

I finished all of the writing. An editor looked it over. Most of the art (both sprites and backgrounds) was finished. There are still a few music pieces that need to be done. The RPG was fully programmed. I oversaw my group’s work. Unfortunately, development on Dream’s Denouement seems to have come to a halt for various reasons (people dropped out or became disinterested).

I’ve included some sample screenshots from the project below. The first are the sprites (character art) of two characters from the game. The second is an actual screenshot from the project and the last screenshot is the main menu.

7771268692_04abff677f_b DDSM2screenshot DDSMscreenshot

There is a video of the RPG portion that can be watched here on YouTube. It can also be downloaded here for Windows.


In This Dream of Ours is a kinetic novel, or a visual novel without choices. I released it in May 2012. The story took place in an alternate version of the early 1600s in Japan. I wrote and programmed the entire project using free art and music found online. Downloads and screenshots for it can be found here. I am currently working on remaking this visual novel.

It received some positive attention on this website that contains a database of visual novels.

“Its hook is exceptionally strong; I should have been dead, and yet I am not. How come he isn’t dead? An element is introduced that wants to make one read on, and the plot is paced well. The characters are distinct, their actions inspired by the setting. For once, a Japanese-set story that actually deals with being Japanese, rather than using it as a backdrop for no particular reason.” – Applegate, Lemmasoft Forums

It was great learning experience making this, even if it was a solo effort.


Skylines: A Personal Memoir is a story set in high school, revolving around a small group of friends. My goal was to write a more realistic-seeming HS story. Most of the HS stories in the English Visual Novel industry are exaggerated and unrealistic, or solely focused on finding a romantic interest. My studio creates visual novels that go against the romantic “find a date” stereotype that many visual novels have. This one’s more like a young adult coming-of-age story.

Choices involve determining if he’ll remain as passive as he’s always been or if he’ll finally stand up for himself. These choices are made in Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style (similar to The Walking Dead & The Wolf Among Us games but without the timer and without the point-and-click elements).

I had to put this story on hold because I wanted to polish my writing skills more. The sprites were all made and finished I worked with an artist on designing the characters, while she did the actual drawing part. From left to right, the characters are Lia, Izzie, Thom, and Chris. I plan on working on this again when my other projects are done.

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The Girl in Red is a story inspired by The Little Red Riding Hood. A short description for it: “In a fairytale setting that pits wolves against humans, a rebellious wolf girl in disguise accidentally meets a human girl.” I unfortunately had to put this project on hold after the artist went missing in action. I’ve included an introductory summary below:

“In fairy tales, wolves are always the bad guys… But, what about the wolves who don’t want to blow houses down or eat little girls in red hoods? This is the story of such a wolf. A wolf girl that’s been warned all her life to stay within the limits of the den area. She’s been told, time and time again, “do NOT go beyond the gates.”

In a moment of impulsive rebellion, she ventures outside those very gates – and runs right into a human girl. Her wolf ears hidden, the human girl assumes that the wolf girl’s human too, and a friendship starts…. But the very thing that threatens their growing friendship is the blood in their veins and the moon waxing fuller every night.”

I will pick up this project again at another time.

oCPyzAO osdjFhp iUNIdI6 S4yIc9I



An Accident, You Swear is an interactive fiction story that I made using Twine. It’s a rather short read, but gives an example of my humor writing. It was my first time working with the Twine program. It can be played here (no download required).


Everything Around a Bridge is a collection of short stories told in a visual novel format. Each story takes place on a bridge. The artist for this one can only work on it in her limited free time, so the release has been significantly delayed.

The GUI, logo, and background art has been finished. The programming has also been finished. I scripted the stories, while another programmer fit them into the actual program.

When it’s finished, it will be released for Windows/Mac/Linux and on the Google Play Store (Android). All that’s waiting is the character art. I have a link to a messy demo for the project here (Mediafire download). This demo uses placeholder graphics and only functions as a writing/coding sample.

rickda_by_shilkefair-d6ua0n6 indigo_girl_by_shilkefair-d6t3mfufairy_by_shilkefair-d76zg9fbridge

It was around this time (mid-2013) that I realized the importance of finishing the writing first. It’s my preferred method of working now. A script version of Everything Around a Bridge can be found here (Google Doc). Please note that it is in Ren’py format, so it contains the coding.


This is a remake of the Feudal Japan drama. Personal setbacks for the artist have pushed back the release date. I am hoping that this will be released Fall 2014. I felt that the original visual novel could use an upgrade. The art will be better, the writing will be improved, and a new GUI will be designed. Pictures of the new art is below.

sprites_sketch Tadashi_sketches1 Yasahiro_sketches1_BW Hitomi_sketches1

With my newer projects, I am trying to move away from the typical anime style. Like the original story, this one won’t have choices, either. I plan for a Windows/Mac/Linux/Android release.


I started this story late 2013. It’s about a Philadelphia music producer who’s in a May/December relationship. Through spending time with her boyfriend’s daughter, she starts to learn how to be the mother she’s never had. Roughly 90% of the writing is finished. I recently hired an artist for this.

I am aiming for a late Summer 2014 release. Like my other projects, it will be released on Windows/Mac/Linux and Android. It is a visual novel with choices. 7 Months in Between is more in the vein of the direction that I’d like to take the studio in: realistic stories in real settings, revolving around underrepresented minority groups.

A demo of the project can be downloaded here. It currently has placeholder graphics. I made this demo just to show the artist so that s/he could get a feel for the characters. A .doc file in Ren’py format can also be downloaded here.




This is a time loop story that I am making with a team throughout March. It will be released April 1st. It’s a time travel comedy story about a down-on-his-luck guy that finds a time machine in the woods that seems to send him back by three days. It gets gradually more serious as the story goes on, but the whole project’s rather silly.

I’m overseeing a full team of artists (sprite/character, GUI/logo, and CG/event illustrations), an editor, a musician, and a few assistants. We’ve been working fast and diligently on this one, since our time’s rather short. Like all of the other projects on this page, work is done remotely through the Internet by people from all over the world.

You can read our outline for the story here.

sample_by_shortpencil-d7a1tzb ss (2014-03-08 at 04.22.08)Logo conceptsTextbox

Thank you for looking through this overview of the work I’ve done throughout the years!

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