Palette Swap Released! & XYZZY News

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Apr 132016

On April 11th, we released our game for Nanoreno 2016, Palette Swap. If you enjoyed Fairly Dangerous, I think you’d like this one, too! Like Fairly Dangerous, it’s a dark comedy, only this time it’s a lot more strange. A girl gets trapped inside of a painting and has to find a way out of it.

We have a thread on the Lemma Soft Forums where you can find more information. Show us some love.

On a slightly unrelated note, Xyzzymposium 2014 has started. Venus Meets Venus was featured in the first post about the titles that were nominated for the “Best Story” 2014 XYZZY Award. It’s a fantastic post. Warning for spoilers on all the games that were featured in it!

First round of voting is open for the 2015 XYZZY Awards. Only games released in 2015 are eligible. Check it out here. Voting will end by May 1st.

The thirteen chapter of Redwood Crossing will be released tomorrow on its website. Hope you’ve been enjoying it so far.


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Feb 042016


Two short things.

One, a few of us that worked on Fairly Dangerous were featured in the first episode of IndieRomp. We got to talk about what it was like working on the game and with each other. If you’re interested in our creative process behind that game, definitely give it a listen! It’s spoiler-light for anyone who hasn’t played it yet.

IndieRomp is a new podcast dedicated to indie games that’s hosted by r-bit, the Editor of Saving Zoey. You can find IndieRomp on r-bit’s site here. There’s a newsletter sign-up form where you can subscribe to be notified of new episode postings.

Two, Redwood Crossing is on its fourth chapter now. I’ll admit that it’s been difficult writing on such a short deadline every week, but it’s been rewarding all the same. This week’s choice is a particularly impactful one, so if you haven’t been reading along you should so you can place your vote.

Redwood Crossing

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Jan 162016


Redwood Crossing is my senior capstone project that I’ve been mentioning on this blog. It’s also one of the reasons why most of my WIPs have to take a backseat for the time being. This is the story that The Girl in Red (a project I started way back in 2012) spun off into, so if you were looking forward to that, you’d definitely be into this.

Chapters are posted every Thursday. At the end of every chapter, readers are presented with a choice on where they’d like to take the story. Think of it as an interactive serial fiction. The choice with the most votes wins. Voting ends Sunday at 11:59 PM EST (GMT-5).

The first chapter is out now. Help shape the beginning of the story!

Since I won’t be updating this blog every single time a new chapter goes up, your best bet at staying up-to-date with it is to subscribe with the form below:

Thank you to everyone who’s been reading it so far. I appreciate all the views, votes, and comments and I’m grateful for all of your support.

2015 Retrospective

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Jan 012016

2015 saw the releases of Fairly Dangerous, the second version of The Mishka Effect, and Nowhere Near Single. The former two titles were ported over to the Google Play Store (and even have HTML5 versions over at Sandbox Adventure). The latter ranked 14th place in the 2015 IFComp and won me a spectacular pair of pajama pants.

Thanks to Kailoto’s assistance and proofreading, Everything Around a Bridge is on the very edge of being released…if I’d just let go of the project already. After all this time, I’m still the only thing that’s preventing it from getting out there. I’ve got some personal reservations about it.

I’ve got another project that is just about done and is going through some finishing touches. It’s more of a mini-game type of experience – something light and silly. I made it for school over the summer and my classmates thought it was funny, so… trooper6 was nice enough to clean up the code for it, and Jojo from leveretta dev.’s making the GUI for it. Anyway, I’ll write more about it when it’s closer to release!

Our NanoWinter project, SNO Place Like Home, from around February 2015 hit some snags, but we’re pulling it together. It’s not abandoned. I haven’t given the project the attention it deserves so that it can be finished. Getting it finished in time for the end of Winter 2016 is a nice thought…

Other projects grounded to a halt. There wasn’t any significant progress done on any of my longer-standing WIPs. 2015 was a busier year than I expected it to be. It was also the year that I’ve started to come to terms with certain things I may touch on in a later blog entry. I struggled a lot with self-doubt about whether or not I can “make it” as a creator/writer, and if this is something I’m still capable of pursuing after all this time.

As a result of those things, I only managed to get one full visual novel out there. Since I’ll be working on Redwood Crossing, my interactive serial, I’m expecting that I’ll have even less time than I did in 2015. The team from Fairly Dangerous plans on reuniting for Nanoreno 2016, so you’ll see at least one visual novel again from me in 2016. I’ll also make more of an effort to keep this blog updated this year. I can’t believe I only updated it twice last year!

Thanks for the support, everyone who’s reading this. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to Redwood Crossing so you won’t miss the release announcement. New chapters will be released weekly. At the end of every chapter, readers will be presented with a choice on where to take the story next. RWC should be starting mid-January, so see you there when it starts!