Redwood Crossing

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Jan 162016


Redwood Crossing is my senior capstone project that I’ve been mentioning on this blog. It’s also one of the reasons why most of my WIPs have to take a backseat for the time being. This is the story that The Girl in Red (a project I started way back in 2012) spun off into, so if you were looking forward to that, you’d definitely be into this.

Chapters are posted every Thursday. At the end of every chapter, readers are presented with a choice on where they’d like to take the story. Think of it as an interactive serial fiction. The choice with the most votes wins. Voting ends Sunday at 11:59 PM EST (GMT-5).

The first chapter is out now. Help shape the beginning of the story!

Since I won’t be updating this blog every single time a new chapter goes up, your best bet at staying up-to-date with it is to subscribe with the form below:

Thank you to everyone who’s been reading it so far. I appreciate all the views, votes, and comments and I’m grateful for all of your support.

Senior Year

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Oct 032015

My senior year of college started a couple of weeks ago. Yay! Almost to the finish line. One of my graduation requirements is the completion of a capstone project. I plan on writing a serialized story for it. I’m still finalizing the release schedule and the size of the releases themselves, but I’ll be releasing installments online for everyone to read.

If you remember The Girl in Red from way back, this is going to be a serialized revival of that game. It’s going to be fun (and a challenge) for me…I don’t write prose on a regular basis anymore, so I’m glad to be doing something that forces me to do that.

IF Comp opened up for judging on October 1st. I contributed roughly 1.8% of the entries. Check out the competition here.

I’m also looking for a GUI artist and a programmer to bring a short comedy game to completion. For those interested, please see the recruitment post here. Thanks in advance! :)

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